Bassin’ In The Hottest Water & Weather By Sean Ostruszka, Page 3

Bassin’ In The Hottest Water & Weather
By Sean Ostruszka, Page 3

Summer 2021



Typically, most reservoirs have enough current running through them that a thermocline never fully develops. That’s not the case in ones that experience extreme heat.

“There’s actually a lake around me that develops two thermoclines,” said Au, who uses his electronics to find the thin bands of water that will show up clearly with extra life.

These can be key to finding fish in deep waters once the surface temperatures get so high. Often, fish will set up right at the thermocline, be it on structure that intercepts with it or suspended over open water.

Au makes a point of mentioning that just because the surface temperature is extreme, even just 8- to 1- feet down can be a significant decrease in water temperatures. So don’t always be afraid of fishing an area because your electronics read a boiling water temperature. Besides, the hotter the water temperature, the more active a bass’ metabolism and the more it needs to eat.


Where there’s hot temperatures on a lake, there’s sure to be boat traffic. But as obnoxious as pleasure boaters can be, they actually can help in the summer.

“The fish are used to all the traffic, and that traffic can actually stir up the water and add more oxygen in the water,” said Au.

That explains why marinas, especially busy ones, are hotspots for Au in the summer, as they not only provide shade under docks but also extra oxygen from the boat traffic.


All of these tips can help you put fish in the boat, but it’s important to note that fishing in the heat can put a toll on you and any fish you catch.

Along with sunscreen, Au wears long-sleeve, moisture-wicking shirts and light pants all to ensure no skin is showing, which not only helps decrease sun exposure, but also decreases energy loss from your body fighting to keep itself cool. Potassium and electrolytes are

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