Kayak Angler Spotlight:
Rus Snyders, Page 3

Kayak Angler Spotlight:
Rus Snyders, Page 3

Summer 2021


started with a kick boat to access many of the hard to get to areas. I then came across the kayak scene on Facebook. In 2016, I jumped into a local club that just happened to be one of the biggest kayak clubs in the country (KBF TN). I met some guys there and we started traveling to the national tournaments. I still travel and fish the national level tournaments (Hobie BOS, BASS and KBF) with my original group, they are some of my best friends.

WB: You have amassed quite the record over the past five years. What is your secret?

SNYDERS: No secret, just work ethic, preparation, organization and map study. I’m also really into designing my own lures and gaining a deeper understanding of bass fishing on all levels. This helps me step up my fishing knowledge. I also spent a lot of time guiding. I was not only teaching people to fish, but I was also paying attention and learning from them as well. It didn’t matter if I was guiding a pro level or novice angler, I could always learn something from them.

WB: What are your goals for 2021?

SNYDERS: My plan is to repeat what I did last year. (Eleven wins with one or more win on all three national circuits). A lot of things fell into place and there was a lot of

luck on my side. I will be fishing Hobie BOS, BASS and KBF circuits again this year and traveling across the country.

Photo: Rus Snyders

WB: Do you have any advice for other anglers who want to pursue fishing the national scene?

SNYDERS: Entry fees, travel and gas all add up. I developed a system to do it as cost conscious as possible. I have converted my truck into a camper, so I can be self-sufficient on the road. I meal prep and live out of my truck and that helps me save a lot of money.

WB: With kayak

fishing gaining in

popularity and the

tournament scene

growing exponentially,

is it possible to do this

at a professional level,

full-time and is that

your plan?

SNYDERS: I am pursuing it full-time in 2021. Sponsors are coming along and we are right at the jump off point. I am excited to see what I can do with this as a full-time career.

At the time this article was written, Snyders has already captured a national level event title at the 2021 Hobie BOS on Broken Bow Lake and a victory at the second stop of the 2021 Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Kayak Series at Lake Eufaula. •

Photo: Rus Snyders

Photo: Rus Snyders

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