Enhancing Your Success With A Fishing Log By Marc Marcantonio, Page 5

Enhancing Your Success With A Fishing Log
By Marc Marcantonio, Page 5

Summer 2021




fish. Blossoms are triggered by hours of sunlight and temperature, as is the timing of the spawn each year.

Almond trees in bloom can indicate the spawn is on in the San Joaquin Delta.

One area in the Pacific Northwest I fish gets blue flowers on the bank, which my log indicates past success throwing Lucky Craft jerkbaits along this bank. When fishing another lake in Washington a key pattern is to fish the red bushes. At Kentucky Lake, I did well in a tournament by fishing the yellow flowers wherever I found them. Mayfly hatches can be just as good for smallmouth bass as they are for trout.


If you know the 4 P’s, you know… PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE .

Reviewing your log prior to a trip can ensure you rig the right rods, pack the right lures and supplies like dye, scents, hook styles, right line, anchors, emergency supplies, lure retrievers, clothing, food, etc.

When my time comes to fish the big pond in the sky, I know some savvy anglers who would pay dearly for my fishing log. Give a fishing log a try; I know it will improve your fishing success almost immediately. Ciao, Marc Marcantonio. •

When you have not fished a lake in ages, you likely feel the need to find bass for the tournament. So, you fish all your favorite spots intending to only catch one bass from each, and you do, including some big ones.

The next day in the tournament the same spots produce nothing, and you get no big bass.

Winning pre-fish is only good for telling stories and revealing to others how you make poor decisions.

Pre-fish your fishing log to make good decisions. I am always amazed in talking to competitors who practice on spots they know they will fish during the tournament, regardless how well they do in practice. Time might be better spent trying new areas and techniques you do not plan to fish in the tournament. If you discover something new, you win. Even if you don’t, you win because you won’t have that nagging voice telling you to go somewhere you eliminated in practice. The important point is that reviewing your log before a tournament helps you formulate a better game plan before and during the tournament.


One benefit of logging every trip is the ability to predict fishing patterns through the power of observation. Noting what flowers are blooming during a great bite can help you know when and what to