2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’ By Glenn Walker, Page 5

2 Must Have Lures For Summertime Bassin’
By Glenn Walker, Page 5

Summer 2021


bait sinking, followed up by the slight action of the ends of the bait when worked with your rod will entice even the sluggish of bass into biting.

What makes a wacky-rigged soft plastic stickbait an ideal lure that works anywhere is that you can skip it under docks, cast it far ahead of the boat for skittish bass cruising, run it along an inside weedline or flat and deadstick it right in a bass strike zone.

RIGGING: I will mine on either a TroKar TK137 or TK137W Pro V Bend Finesse Hook. The hooks unique pro v bend design, keeps the soft plastic bait in place, resulting in less time rigging baits and more time with your bait being properly presented in the water. A weedless version, that features hand-tied weedguards is available as well for skipping boat docks and fishing shallow water cover.

Do not fret if the bass are holding in deeper water. Whether that be along an outside weedline, or hunkered down along the bottom next to rocks, you can get your Senko down to that key water depth by adding a nail weight into one of its ends.

GEAR: Witch Doctor Tackle Shaman 7’2” MH Spinning Rod, paired with a 3,500 or 4,000 sized spinning reel. The bigger the spool size, the less memory the line will have. I will spool up with the Seaguar Flash Green Smackdown Braided line as my main line in 20-pound-test and connect it to 10-pound-test Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon leader, that is three- to four-feet long. This set up allows me to make long casts to weary cruising bass yet is super sensitive to feel every bite and tough enough to battle a bass out of the cover.

As you are rigging up your rods for your next fishing trip, do not forget about these two reliable lures, as they will likely put a bass in your boat for you! •