Another option regardless of water size is fishing all of these lakes and rivers at night. Dont think for one second that bass cant key in on a frog after the sun goes down

Early mornings and late evenings are ideal but, mid-day frogging can bring some of the biggest fish youll catch all year

Summer 2018


Advanced froggers understand that pressured fish will almost always suck up and to the middle of a dock that gets repeatedly hit. The only way to get those fish to commit is through their ability of reaching those fish when the next angler can’t.

Accuracy is everything. Once you gain confidence in locating fish and catching them in and around vegetation, graduate to docks and apply your experience with an open mind. If you can target both high- percentage areas and do it better than the next angler, the results will be evident. By focusing on when to throw the frog and how to do it more efficiently, you too will experience a whole lot more “wooohooos” and “high fives”.


Frogging rods are unique. The best rods feature a soft tip for walking a frog; yet quickly transition into backbone that just won’t give up under pressure. Falcon, iRod, Daiwa and Dobyns all have renowned frog rod reputations. When picking a rod, it can help to choose a proven winner from the get-go.

There are way too many reels to cover, but I switched to a Lew’s Super Duty last season and had great success with their all new 8.1:1 gear ratio. There are other manufacturers that are now producing 8.5:1 gear ratios and higher; so, these models can pick up slack in a hurry. We all have our favorite braid and frogs, so no matter what brand you choose, using this info on location, casting and timing will help you advance your frogging skills. •