Any dock with a few inches or more of clearance is prime for skipping, but there are some that are even more appealing in Zonas mind

Docks are a minefield of obstacles from pilings to ropes and cables and it is also a place where sharp zebra mussels group up

Summer 2018


by Tyler Brinks



with Mark Zona


ou probably know Mark Zona from his television

show and work with Bassmaster: but if you’re

not aware, he is also a highly skilled angler with numerous tournament accomplishments.

power, they should use an approach similar to skipping a rock on water.

“You do not need to rear back and sling it,” he said. “It should be a steady motion like skipping a rock on a pond. The

He loves to fish across the country and has really honed key is to not overthrow it, the bait will carry itself.”

his skills fishing natural lakes around his home in Michigan.

Mis uocnheooffthhisatfativmoreitweatsecshpneinqtuesksi.pZpoinnga ushnadreerdbhoiastsdyosctkesm. Itfor THREE DOCK SKIPPING RULES

skipping hard to reach docks that includes choosing the right

Zona lives by three rules when skipping docks.




rod, reel, line, lure and his technique.

According to Zona, many anglers tend to use too much force when skipping docks. He believes, instead of using

#1 TECHNIQUE: One is the technique mentioned above. The other two rules are a slow, stealthy approach and fishing clockwise. All of these rules play a role in his success when skipping docks and can be a good rule of thumb for any type of bass fishing technique. The way he approaches