We tend to equate big summertime worms with hyperactive ribbontails

buzz the worm over dense grass and use those holes as ambush spots


Summer 2018


e all like attention; but, what’s

the best way to get it? Nice

car? Clever hashtags? The right shoes? Nothing wrong with those strategies;

but if you’re trying to get some largemouth

love during the hottest time of the year, a big

worm is one of your better options.

The long and lanky ones are certainly not

the only way to skin this cat, as those finesse

deals on the other end of the spectrum,

and plenty of stuff in between will also earn

summer bites.

Western standout, James Tate, knows the

big worm — something in the 8- to 12-inch

range — addresses a key principle that closes

a lot of deals.

“Most of the time during the months

the fish are looking for a big meal, without

expending a lot of energy,” he said.

Here’s a handful of strategies anglers

have found for big worm success.


Tate has found some of his best big worm results during the post-spawn-to-summer period, particularly during night tournaments.