Its 11-pounds, 7-ounces on the California Delta with a jig. The Delta is like no other fishery that you can ever go to

Clear Lake definitely. Ive had a lot of success at Clear Lake. Its always been my favorite place for a tournament

Summer 2018


WB: Obviously, not recently; but have you ever felt you were in a rut?

SMITH: Oh yah and I know when it’s happening too; because I just start second- guessing every decision I make. When I start second-guessing myself, I start fishing badly. To get out, I just keep fishing and it’s usually just one decision where it all works out. It could be in a tournament or when I am fun fishing; but from that one decision something good will happen – I will catch a big one or start getting bit or whatever. That reinforces my intuition and I can get back to trusting it.

WB: It’s the age old – if you

could only fish one bait the rest

of your life question… what’s


SMITH: It’s a Strike King

Bryant Smith

Rage Bug. I could do just about

anything with that bait. I could

flip it, put it on a jig, a ChatterBait, a Carolina-rig. It’s really

versatile and something I have a ton of confidence in.

WB: What’s your advice to those that want to make a living bass angling in the West?

SMITH: To the young anglers, or really to anyone starting out… don’t worry so much about the sponsors, right now. You don’t have to look like Kevin VanDam with all the sponsors on the jersey. I know it is easy to get caught up in that. I used to do it; but it is kind of backwards that I used to think like that.

What is important is the

time on the water. You need

to worry about your fishing

game and spend time on

that. The sponsors will come

in time. Spend as much time

on the water as possible.

That is how you get better

at fishing. Go fishing every

chance you get. That is what I do; because every time you go fishing, you learn something and that is how you progress. •

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