What are the Chances 3 Near Misses at a Classic Championship

Its So Painful, Something Thats So Close and Still So Far Out of Reach


Spring 2018

Christie’s Chances



are a heavy load to bear

by Pete Robbins

God it’s so painful Something that’s so close

And still so far out of reach.

- Tom Petty, “American Girl”

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f a competitor finishes second in every Elite Series

tournament, he’ll win the Angler of the Year title

running away. If he finishes second at every Classic he fishes, he’s the Buffalo Bills…

from behind in 2016 at Grand Lake to win the Classic. The angler who led heading into that final day? None other than Christie.

After the 2018 Classic, that now marks three times that

... or Aaron Martens -- four runner-up Classic finishes. Christie has been a favorite or legitimate contender heading

... or Ricky Green – two runner-up finishes and five top- into the final day of Classic competition only to fall a little

fives bit short. I’ve been in the camera boat assigned to him for

... or Roland Martin – nine Angler of the Year (AOY) titles, all or part of those three tournaments and it has been both

but no Classic wins.

fascinating and heartbreaking to lose.

So, will he win one? That’s hard to answer. There can

It’s one of those “kissing your sister labels” to be deemed only be one winner each year, and loads of Hall of Famers

“the best never to win the Classic.” The only thing potentially – Roland, Bill Dance, Gary Klein – have never found that

worse is “best never to win a major title.” At least AMart

winning combination on the right week. Not only do you

and Roland have those AOY trophies on the mantel. Jason

have to have a magical, nearly flawless performance yourself;

Christie, despite three

but, you have to hope that no one

Elite Series wins,

else in the field performs more

two Bassmaster


Open wins, two FLW

Tour wins, an FLW Series win and a PAA


victory, does not yet

As the Classic leader,

Some anglers are clearly

have one of those

Christie waits for the Day rattled by coming close and not


3 blast-off on Hartwell. taking home the big check. Another

His close friend

Seigo Saito/B.A.S.S. Oklahoman, Jeff Kriet, came

Edwin Evers, another

close to dethroning KVD in 2010,


ultimately being kicked aside by a

winner, didn’t

characteristic KVD performance.

have one of the

Kriet was already seeing a

big notches on his

sports psychologist at the time,

belt until he came

and the inability to close the deal