The Classic is really the only event of the year when youre not fishing for points

From the Classic to Texas Fest | On the Road with Randy Howell


Summer 2018

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Visiting the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Hall of Fame where Howell’s Classic picture is displayed on the wall. Howell revealed that it was really neat to be part of history in such a cool place.

Just the aquarium, itself, could be three or four hours of sightseeing and there is the museum, the animals, the cultures, the different regions – from Africa to Antarctica, even with penguins in there swimming.

Area after area that you go to is full of detail of the region with temperature, climate and even smell. It is just incredible how they can give you the full experience and adventure of going around the world with such detail. I highly recommend it for family vacations.


I like Grand Lake in Grove, Okla. a lot. I had a close call with a 5th place finish in the Classic here in 2016; so, I was feeling good about going back.

Unfortunately, I had a bad practice there too.

During the event, I changed up tactics each day and kept moving up a little from the 40’s to the 30’s. I wanted to do better; but because I had never really found a good area or good pattern, I was happy to finish 30th.

That moved me up to 14th in the Angler of the Year (AOY) points.

The Howeller helped Howell into a 30th place finish at Grand Lake