One of the most productive ways that Neal fishes a swimbait is like a crankbait

keys to deep water swimbaiting is a natural presentation and solid hookups

Summer 2018

He concluded to get that job done, he had to pour his own jigs, using a Do-It Mold.

“This way I could control the hook type, and the size of the hook to make the most effective swimbait jig possible, for the conditions that I was fishing in, said Neal. “In this case, if I didn’t feel the mold called for the proper size hook, I could upsize to increase my hook-up ratio.”

In addition to the hand pours that he creates, Neal will also opt for premade jig heads for certain conditions.

If he is looking for more action, he will rig his Big Bite BB Kicker or Suicide Shad on a Jenko Tremor Head. The Tremor Head is a Scrounger style jig head with two different bill sizes.

The medium bill offers Neal a steady swim action and when a more aggressive action is preferred, he will upsize to a larger billed Tremor Head.

“I want to feel my way along the bottom with my swimbait, just like I would, if I were fishing a crankbait,” he explained. “Keeping close contact with the bottom is critical in getting bites. Once I feel my swimbait is on the bottom, I will start my retrieve. I will give the reel a few quick turns to get the bait on its way.

“I want to guard against the swimbait getting too high off the bottom, unless I see the fish are also up off the bottom, higher than normal. If that is the case, then I will make an adjustment.

“The majority of the time, on a normal cast, I want my swimbait to be no more than 2-feet from the bottom. I can get a sense of how close I am to the bottom by stopping my retrieve and giving a two-count. Once I do this, I should feel my bait again on the bottom. If that is not happening, my retrieve speed is too fast, and I need to slow down”.


One of the most productive ways that Neal fishes a swimbait is like a crankbait. He makes a long cast and lets the bait naturally fall.


In addition to a swimmer presentation, Neal will vary his technique with other retrieves to determine which will trigger the better strikes.