Go GlidinG with Matt Allen by Dan O’Sullivan

Go GlidinG with Matt Allen
by Dan O’Sullivan




with Matt Allen


here is a new trend among swimbait afi-

cionados that lean towards the gliding ver-

sion. When the River2Sea SWaver hit the

market in 2007, many folks were skeptical that the “S-Action” glide was going to be effective.

The SWaver was an adaptation off of a Japanese

lure that was an adaptation off of a Jerry Rago Baits

creation for Japan, but it certainly became a trend-

setting lure in the U.S.

Anglers everywhere began to quietly catch giant

bass on the SWaver, tournaments were won and

lake records produced on it. Before long, the lure that

was a quiet secret became popular as more and

more anglers began hearing of it and adding it to their

own arsenal. As word spread, other individuals and

companies began making their own versions, including

larger models designed to attract larger bites.

One of the anglers that was quick to pick up on

the effectiveness was Vacaville, Calif. trophy hunter

Matt Allen. Allen found that he was able to produce

dramatic results for him and his guide clients with

them. I think part of the reason glide baits are so effective is that they are fairly new,” he said. “The other reason is because they don’t have exaggerated action that put off the largest fish, and they are actually very quiet in the water.”

He also feels that there must be something that bass see in the lure that he does not. “I’d have to say that the lure doesn’t appear to be terribly realistic in the water, but the bass don’t seem to agree,” said Allen. “I don’t know if it the speed or the action, but it appears to be incredibly realistic, because big fish seem to be mesmerized by it. So many fish follow it all the way to the boat, and other lures are not like that.”

So, with all of the seemingly seductive attraction, how does Allen get the most out of these lures?


Allen said that conditions matter the most when applying any lure. Having an understanding of the lure is critical, but even more importantly, knowing when

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