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Spring 2023

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The Strike King Flats Head has a good quality hook and


comes in light weights. I would say the really good A-rigs

come from the “garage shop” guys, like Bailey’s rig or

Yes, like I said earlier, Clear Lake can play to anyone’s

Borofka’s G-Funk rig.

strengths; and there are times when you can fish one rod all

A crankbait will be a player when they’re moving up, and day to sack ‘em up. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you

there is always some bass moving up somewhere in the

will know what rod it will be in the springtime.

spring. So, then you’re looking at a Red Eye Shad, a lipless-

It could be a Thunder Cricket, it could be a jerkbait, it

style bait, and a 2.5 for crankin’ shallow tules and shallow

could go old school and be a spinnerbait, and you can never

docks in five-feet or less. When rolling out on structure, you overlook a Flippin’ Stick.

probably have to have a 6XD to crank the top of some of

The fact is you may get locked into catching your entire

those 12- to 15-foot rockpiles or ledges. I don’t get carried

limit on one rod, but you can’t just have one rod on deck.

away by colors. I’m going to have a Sexy Shad or Pearl

One area could be fishing entirely different than

Chartreuse, and I’m going to have a red, like Delta Craw.

another. A guy can be a one-rod Todd and battle it out for

ounces with another guy that only fished an A-rig all day.


The fish will tell you what they want, and there will be plenty of ‘em to listen to.

When they start to move to the bank, I will narrow it

For the last couple of years, we’ve had a crippled version

down. When they have moved up, and they’re doin’ their

of Clear Lake; however, for spring 2023, Clear Lake is back,

deal, some of those baits will come out of play. The A-rig

and it’s something you don’t want to miss.

bite is going to taper

The fish at Clear

off, and the Thunder

Lake beat to their

Cricket is going to

own drum, but when

pick up.

you leave Clear Lake

By mid-April, it

and put your boat on

is possible to have

the trailer, it doesn’t

some of the best

matter if you caught a

bags on topwater,

30-pound bag or only

including the Sexy

caught two all day; you

Frog. I’m not looking

always leave thinking

for a specific water

about when you can

temp to know it’s

get back there again.

time for a frog. I’m

You may hear a guy

looking for nights in

say they have a lake

the 50-degree range,

that they hate or never

so the water doesn’t

fish, but that’s not what

need so much over

anyone thinks about

time each day from

Clear Lake. Myself

the lows. Blooms

included. When it’s

are nice, but you’ll

Clear Lake, guys always

know it’s time to

think when can I get

throw a frog at Clear

back there? Well, this is

Lake when you hear the frogs.

Clear Lake April 2022

the year to get back to Clear Lake! •