Innovative New Products and Trusted Favortie Fishing Line

Innovative New Products and Trusted Favortie Fishing Line

Spring 2023


point that leads into the cove. Somewhere between those locations, you can find the fish that were shallow during the warmer condition.

I use the Carolina- rig and the Texas- rigged Brush Hog to relocate the bass. The cadence I use is very aggressive, I shake or hop the lure. The reason why is that everyone else is slowly working their lures, so I give them something different than other fishermen would normally use. I make consecutive casts to the same break or ledge with hard cover to trigger stubborn bass to bite.

Once I get a bite, I repeat the same cadence to trigger more bites. I will make several casts to the exact same spot. I’ll switch up between the Carolina-rig and the Texas-rig to get more bites in the same spot.

WB: What would you recommend to a fellow kayaker to help them be more productive during the springtime?”

THAO: Pay attention to the weather conditions and wind directions. The mapping on your graph is extremely

important to help find those breaks or ledges with hard structure.

WB: If you had

a long run to your

fishing spot, would

you run there at the

beginning of the

tournament and work

your way back or do

you work your way

there and make a long

run back at the end of

the day?

THAO: I like to

run to my location

where I am going to

fish and commit there.

I normally have five different structures like a flat, point, hump, drop off, or rock piles that I can fish in that area.

The biggest thing with kayak fishing during the spring is that you have to figure out what the fish are doing at the moment of time with the consideration of weather and wind condition.

If the bass have moved to a different location in the area, since practice, re-locating the fish can cost valuable time. Staying in one area can help re-locate the fish faster. One has to fish what is in front of them because running all over the lake can burn up precious fishing time. •

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