Terminal Tackle Must Haves for Every Bass Fisherman by Glenn Walker, Page 3

Terminal Tackle Must Haves for Every Bass Fisherman by Glenn Walker, Page 3

Spring 2023


bottom of the lake differently, which is why I’ll keep a few of each style in the same weight size.

It used to be that fishing a drop shot only had one sinker option, but now there are several styles. Each style is designed for various situations. Designs such as teardrop, cylinder/skinny, and round are standard for all anglers.

One last can’t-forget style of weight to keep on hand is nail weights. These weights are needed for Neko rigging and range in size from 1/96- to 7/64-ounce.


From adding noise and protecting a knot on a Carolina- rig to the angler that likes to put a bead between the weight and hook on their Texas-rig, small plastic beads are an easy- to-carry item and can be bought in bulk from craft stores.

bait. I also like to use a snap on my walk-the-dog style topwater plug as it adds to the side-to-side action.


I’ve preached previously to swap out the stock treble hooks that come on crankbaits and topwater plugs to premium after-market trebles, like Lazer TroKar and while this task can be completed during the off-season, having a supply of treble hooks in the boat is a must-do as well. From banging a bait off the rocks to having to cut a hook point off if a bass has been hooked deep, being able to swap out treble hooks while on the water is crucial. It can also change the action and diving depth of crankbaits by going up or down in the size of the treble hooks. My treble hook of choice is the Lazer TroKar TK934 Round Bend Treble.


Much like I preach swapping out treble hooks on crankbaits and topwater plugs during the off-season, I preach having split rings in the boat. It is essential as you never know when a fix will be necessary for a proven fish-catching bait while on the water. I like to use a #3 extra strong split ring on most of my baits.


Found in the terminal tackle aisle next to the bobbers, these small pieces of plastic are great to put in front of a sinker when flipping a Texas-rig around heavy cover. Eagle Claw has packs of Lazer Sharp Pro Rigging Stop in all black, keeping the red

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A swivel is a connecting link between the main line and the leader on a Carolina-rig. Using a premium ball-bearing swivel eliminates line twists and keeps that link strong and reliable.


This is another option that an angler can add to a Carolina-rig for increased noise. This small brass disc goes above the knot and allows the bead to make noise as it bounces between the weight and the clacker.


Crank snaps enable an angler to swap out baits quickly or enhance the action of a topwater plug. It can be an overlooked terminal tackle item by bass anglers. It allows a super-quick change when an angler wants a new color or style of

Photo: Chad Eddings Photography