Bajio Sunglasses | What will you See Today, Page 2

Bajio Sunglasses | What will you See Today, Page 2

Spring 2023


chunk rock to sand, these are stopping spots where fish can pause and feed en route to the spawning grounds.

The choice here is a Strike King Series 3 crankbait in crawdad color. Burning down the bank, Smith’s simply trying to make bottom contact to mimic something a hungry pre- spawner seeks.


Early spring can be volatile

and Smith does his best to

leverage the productive weather

periods. “I like the nastier days,

the days where you get a good

storm to get the fish moving

around,” he said. “I’m not talking

about the cold storms; rather, the

Pineapple Express storms, or a

steady warming trend with a little


“Cold fronts set the fish back

so far that when the temperature

drops into the 30s, I’ll sleep in

and put all my effort into the

afternoon. I’ll just wait it out and I

usually catch my best fish later in

the day.”

Calling pre-spawn fishing a moving target, Smith warns against getting caught in a tunnel vision mindset. Weather will keep this game dynamic, so expect fish behavior and location to change from day to day.

Smith’s advice: “If you keep an open mind, you’ll catch them quicker than chasing ghosts.” •