5 Baits for Shallow Water Spring Bass Fishing by Glenn Walker, Page 2

5 Baits for Shallow Water Spring Bass Fishing by Glenn Walker, Page 2


Spring 2022

When I want to keep my crankbait up in the water column, I’ll use 12- or 15-pound mono, or 17-pound Seaguar AbrazX fluorocarbon. If I want my bait to dive deeper, I’ll spool up 12- or 15-pound AbrazX.


The spinnerbait is a tried-and-true lure to coax springtime bass into biting.

Depending on the water clarity, I will either throw a single Colorado blade spinnerbait when the water is more stained. The single Colorado blade, which puts off a lot of vibration for the bass to key in on when the water clarity is poor. If the water is cleaner, I’ll go with a tandem blade combination with a Colorado and willow leaf blade on the front.

I like to fish spinnerbaits in any areas that have emergent vegetation or laydowns, across flats where bass could be staging. As for size, a 3/8 or 1/2-ounce bait is my choice, with the latter being used when I

need to slow roll my spinnerbait along the bottom. For me in the spring, white/chartreuse is my color choice. I like to throw a 3/8-ounce War Eagle Tandem (big Indiana blade/ small Colorado blade).

Playing with trailers is also a great way to cater your spinnerbait presentation to spring bass. If I need to achieve more depth or a bigger profile in the water column, I rig up a

soft plastic swimbait on the

bait, like the Zoom Z-Swim

3.8. If just some additional

action is needed towards

the back of the bait and I still

want to be able to keep the

bait up in the water column,

a more compact soft plastic

will work, like a spinnerbait

trailer or grub.

I like to fish my

spinnerbaits on the Double

Structured Fluorocarbon,

Seaguar TATSU. If I want to

achieve greater depths or a

more subtle presentation

with my bait, I’ll use

12-pound-test, while if I

want to keep my bait up in

the water column or fishing

around heavier cover, I’ll use