Finesse SetUps with Bryan Thrift by Tyler Brinks, Page 4

Finesse SetUps with Bryan Thrift by Tyler Brinks, Page 4


Spring 2022

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huge role and really comes into play. A thinner line diameter reduces drag in the water and allows you to drop it down faster to a fish you see on your electronics.”

His line of choice is a 12-pound P-Line Spin-X braid and a leader of 5- to 7-pound Spin-X fluorocarbon leader.

“That combination gives me a thin diameter for the technique, and I like to use a fairly long leader that is 12- to 15-feet long and connect it to the braid with an FG knot,” he said. “I like the longer leader, so if I break off my weight and have to retie, I can do that over and over without having to retie the FG knot.”


Thrift’s favorite braid to fluorocarbon are both new products with the Spin-X name, a spinning reel specific braid and fluorocarbon line. It comes in sizes built for finesse and has a unique, rotating mix of two high visibility colors that alternate every meter.

“It is part blue and that’s very easy to see in low-light situations and the other color is orange and easy to see in sunny conditions,” he said. “You can see it 100 percent of the time, no matter the light and you always have a visual confirmation of what the bait is doing. That allows me to

always know what my bait is doing and it’s easy to detect those light bites.”

It is also available in unique line sizes dialed into specific needs of spinning anglers.

“It’s geared for spinning rods and since everyone is switching to braid to fluorocarbon leaders, it’s the perfect combination of light sizes and thin diameters,” said Thrift. “It’s a small diameter and still really strong, for both the braid and fluorocarbon. The Spin-X fluorocarbon comes in small leader spools that makes it quick and easy to tie up leaders and it won’t take up too much space.”

Fishing a finesse setup is something that simply gets bites and even for noted power-fishermen like Bryan Thrift, it’s necessary at times. He knows that having the right mindset, along with the right gear, is needed to round out his fishing arsenal. •