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Spring 2022


water. We fish the entire stretch with the same baits and get just a couple short strikes. This would be the time to fold the reaction bite and work back down that stretch into the cove with a slower more subtle option. Assuming the fish are still there. Just not as willing to chase.


In late spring, we start at daybreak with our favorite topwater in hand. The fish are blowing up left and right and doing back flips on it. The sun comes up and they are still crushing it. However, we have been taught to switch to something different, because bass don’t bite topwater in the sunlight. So, we try a finesse bait. The bite is remains decent, but not great and we head in. I see this one far too often. The right decision was to hold the topwater all day or at least until they stopped biting it.


And for the final decision – when is it the right time to go “all in”? This usually applies to the big fish hunting mentality. And that is sacrificing quantity for quality. Knowing that a

giant bite is there if you grind it out with a specific bigger fish technique. Sometimes it’s with a jig and other times with swimbait. It’s just determining what the largest fish want and knowing you are committed to fishing for that one big bite. This strategy works great if you don’t mind busting out (getting few to zero bites) for the day. But, when you are in a tournament and need results, pinpointing the correct time and amount of time to “go all in” is the most critical decision. This is the gamble or calculated risk that successful tournament anglers and poker players learn to make.

Now, there are times in which the fish are completely unpredictable and going against the grain will prevail. Or, times when a sub-par starting hand will pay off. But, calculating percentages and going with the most logical lure selection for the conditions will typically work best. Whether we are tournament fishing, guiding or just fun fishing the goal is always the same. Catch as many as possible, catch the biggest one possible, and catch as many big ones as possible.

So, the next time you are at the table…. I mean on the water. Be sure to think of your best move and make the right decisions accordingly. •

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