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13 fishing origin f1 in action video review

Spring 2022


I think kayak fishing has helped me more and prepared me mentally for those big boat tournaments, since you can only bring seven to eight rods and bag of tackle. That’s usually what I take on my kayak, but fishing as a co-angler has also taught me to be open minded, to fish the conditions and to be versatile.

WB: How are you able to remain so consistent? You consistently place in the top-10 on just about any body of water – essentially what is your secret for success?

Moua: Searching on YouTube, stuff people post on social media, using Google Earth and paying attention to the weather. Understanding where fish migrate to and their behavior depending on time of year, weather, and the forage.

Having multiple spots, but not too many where it’s going to make you leave fish to find fish.

Last, but not least, one thing I’ve noticed if I do well on one lake, I’ll take whatever pattern I’ve figured out and apply to the next lake. As long as it’s within a few weeks and the weather hasn’t changed much. Usually I can do well on that next lake running similar patterns.



WB: In addition to being a tournament angler, I understand that you are also the owner of a custom lure company. Tell me more about that.

TM: I am the owner of TM Custom Lures. I

started tying jigs in 2018 for myself and a few

close friends. After winning a few local kayak

tournaments with them word got out and it

slowly grew from there, but it wasn’t until guys

started winning with my jigs.

Especially at the 2020 CA BASS

Nation Kayak Series where the

winner Alex Cox won it throwing

my football jigs and 2nd place John

Myers also threw my jigs. So big

shout out to the kayak community

and to everyone who’s supported

my business.

WB: With such a successful 2021, what are your plans for 2022?

TM: I am excited to announce that I was invited to the inaugural WWBT Kayak Pro Tour Circuit. I will also be fishing the CA B.A.S.S. Nation as a co-angler and the MLF Toyota Series Western Division also as a co-angler. My ultimate goal is to win a bass boat that will allow me to compete as a boater in the major west coast circuits. •