Locating & Fishing Ditches For Spring Bass By Glenn Walker, Page 2

Locating & Fishing Ditches For Spring Bass
By Glenn Walker, Page 2


Spring 2021


The same goes when you are fishing and running your

Locating a ditch can be an easy process, simply by

trolling motor, keep your eyes on that depth reading.

relying on your mapping software and the electronics on your

When you are close to bank and fishing shallow water, a

boat. By having an up-to-date Humminbird LakeMaster

six-inch change may just be the ticket.

card in my HELIX units, I can see the very pronounced depth

Now, while you should watch the depth finder, having a

changes across a flat, or an old creek channel running from keen eye on the water is also crucial when fishing shallow

deep water to the bank.

water and looking for those slight depressions.

When I am running my Mercury

If you are fishing vegetation, a

Pro XS outboard, I will keep my one

ditch or depression will usually be

HELIX12 unit at the console on 2D

quite easy to notice as that area will

Sonar and I will be looking for any

void of vegetation. That depression

depth change.

provides bass with an ambush

When I am going to a new spot

spot, both from the depth change,

in practice, I will run the boat on

but also the vegetation running

pad, but at a speed where my high-

alongside it.

speed transducer is able to still get

Two other things too look

a good reading of the bottom. If I

for that may give you a clue of

see a major depth change, I will stop

a depression in the lake or river

and check it out.

bottom include beaver huts and

Even when idling, I am looking

wash out holes in the bank.

for that slight depth change, as

If you see a beaver hut, you will

if the water goes from two-feet,

know that beavers have a path they

across a mud or sand flat, to a

use to get in and out of their hut.

three- or four-foot ditch, then back

This path will form a depression

up to two-feet. That section of

and have wood around it. It is

deeper water just may be the honey

prime cover for bass to hold in and

hole highway that bass are using to


move from deeper water up to the

A washout hole in a bank


Photo: All-Terrain Tackle

come from a time the water level

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