A Substantially Overlooked Part Of Sponsorship By Ben Green, Page 5

A Substantially Overlooked Part Of Sponsorship
By Ben Green, Page 5

Spring 2021


My job is to protect my clients. I can almost guarantee you will pay more money to purchase insurance from our office. I can promise that even if you don’t buy from us, we will educate you as to what you have now and areas you may wish to improve upon.

The angling community has helped me to grow my business from a dream to a successful small business. Every angler is appreciated.

You do not need to be a customer to have us review your specific situation.

We will not pressure you into a sale or make you feel badly if it is apparent you do not have the right coverage.

Our solutions are not the cheapest. Our solutions paid out $792,000 in losses in the last 12 months. Bottom line is that you work hard to maintain your lifestyle.

Do not shortcut the insurance process. It’s not fair to you or to the person you may unintentionally harm in an accident.

Unfortunately, we cannot insure boat only policies on vessels older than 2017. This is because we have over 1,000 boat only policies. When you have a claim, we actually contact the repair facility and stay in touch until you are back on the water and satisfied. This level of service costs the agency time. In order to maintain the level of service, we can no longer accommodate the older boats.

Thank you again to the angling community! See you all out there on the water soon! •

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