Stranger In My Bed By Sean Ostruszka, Page 3

Stranger In My Bed
By Sean Ostruszka, Page 3

Spring 2021


be described as a floating shrimp in a rock.

Basically, he’d thread a cup-shaped piece of sinking plastic on his line and then tie the line to a floating lure in the shape of a shrimp. Once in the bed, giving slack line would allow the shrimp to “peek” out of the “cave” created by the cup, thus teasing fish into biting as it bobbed in and out of the cave, which never left the bed.


Those “as-seen-on-TV” fishing lures of the 1990s were quite the fad, with most not catching many fish. That said, one that did excel, at least for bedfishing, was The Flying Lure – a lure designed to be rigged backwards so it could “fly” and swim away from you.

Looking like a flattened tube, the lure was great for bedfishing because you could lift it out of the bed and it would swim back in as soon as you gave it slack. Thus, you never needed to reel in and cast back. •

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