Tube Magic For Springtime Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 5

Tube Magic  For Springtime Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 5

Spring 2021


head. This tactic works well when I cannot see the bed and the position of the tube, due to water clarity or wind conditions. I can many times feel the difference that is transmitted from the jig, knowing the tube has hit the sweet spot.


I will fish this option when in shallow water, when I need to cover water or when I need to fish a deeper weed edge.

Again, the reason for this jig outside of the tube is for feel. With this rigging, I can tell when the tube is in the weeds or if it is outside the edge of the weeds or on the rock/hard bottom.


Equipment comes to down to personal preference. I pretty much tube fish with a spinning setup. I use a 7”,

medium-action Denali Attax (AS702M) rod teamed with Lew’s spinning reel that is spooled with Sunline Xplasma Asegai braided line in a size of 10- to 12-pound. I will add a 10-feet of 8- to 10- pound fluorocarbon leader to the braid. I will adjust the leader poundage according to cover conditions that I am fishing. I can say 80 percent of the time that I use the 8-pound leader option.

If I need to add a little power, I may switch to a baitcaster setup, I will fish a Denali Attax (AC702M) rod teamed with a Lew’s baitcaster reel, spooled with 16-pound Sunline Xplasma Asegai braid, with a 10- to 12-pound fluorocarbon leader.

I mainly use the baitcaster setup when I am fishing a tube on outside weedlines or hard spots in deeper water.

Tubes are like magic in the springtime, but remember after spring, there are still tube opportunities to be had and do not be too quick to put the tube away. Tubes can just flat out get it, done all year long. •