Tube Magic For Springtime Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 2

Tube Magic  For Springtime Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 2

Spring 2021


ubes can and should be used all season long in

many different bass fishing situations simply

because they can just flat out catch bass. But everyone will agree there is something magic about a tube

and Springtime bass fishing.


In 1964 the brothers Garland (Gary and Bobby) came up with a new plastic lure. Not really seeing the results of the power of the tube right away, the brothers thought they had something that would work and trigger bites from spawning bass. Thus, the Gitzit tube was born.

The original Gitzit combination came four tubes to a pack and shipped with a jig head that you could insert inside of the tube to be fished. As word spread across the West with bass anglers, the

Gitzits were really noticed when Bobby and Guido Hibdon were paired together fishing a tournament on Lake Mead.

You could say it was kind of the Gitzits coming out party. Guido is known as one of the first finesse fisherman to hit the trail and on that day at Mead, he witnessed firsthand what a little 2.5” tube could do on shallow spawning bass. It was an eye-opening day for many bass fishermen.

At first it brought jokes about being a “sissy bait”, but soon after, there were believers when Bobby started to place well in tournaments and winning a one along the way.

Let’s take a closer look at the magic of springtime tubes and how a few variations on rigging:


There are many ways to rig a tube. Some simple variations will make the tube weedless or non-weedless, using a jig head will impart a spiral descent or a gliding



First let’s start with a Texas-rigged tube. This

variation is not

new and has

been used for