Highways and Flats for River Bass

lures and locations for more bass in spring

Spring 2020

underwater structure that bass could be holding on, such as a lone stump on a flat, clump of vegetation or by paying close attention to the image, you can identify that slight ditch I spoke of above.

Another key data point to consider in these backwater sloughs and lakes is the water temperature. By searching out the water that is slightly warmer, you’ll likely be moving into an area that has active bass. You

will want to know if an area has current

coming into it, if suddenly the water temperatures take a drop.

Another condition that keeps bass hanging on these flats or banks is food. Bluegill will also position in these areas, which keeps the bass putting on the feed bag as they look to fatten up before the spawn.

This type of pattern is another like the first that allows you as the angler to stay mobile and in active search mode looking for those key areas that have active spring bass.