3 Key River Patterns for Spring Bass by Glenn Walker

video report for river bass


Spring 2020


prawling river systems, made up of networks

of sloughs, back water lakes and the main river

channel itself, provide the opportunity to catch both numbers and quality bass throughout the year; but if

your goal is early season bassin’ here are three prevalent

springtime patterns for some great


The amount of fishable water on

any given river systems is great, so

covering water in the spring is key

to beginning your search for either

largemouth or smallmouth.

Covering water allows you to

eliminate unproductive areas quickly

and determine what stage of the

spring bite the bass are in.

Once we know what stage the

bass are in, it becomes easier to

replicate a pattern up and down the

river and find a group of bass that

are feeding actively or staging for the



Bass navigate pathways as they move from one stage of the spring bite to another. When bass are

stacked up along these “bass highways,” they are looking to feed up and stack up together.

The reason that bass will be stacked up in these areas revolve around two specifics. The first is location of the