Ryan Cook Talks Kayak Bass in the Spring

Spring Presentations for Kayak Anglers by Steve Melander with Ryan Cook

Spring 2020




ROD: 7’ to 7’6”, medium-heavy, fast-

action casting rod

REEL: 200 series casting reel 6.4 to

8:1 (vary retrieve speed accordingly)

LINE: 15-pound fluorocarbon


keep the spinnerbait on or close to the bottom. Change speeds, rod twitches and use a stop and go, erratic action. Retrieves include extremely fast and aggressive or slow rolling and dredge the bottom. Bigger bites will come when dredging the bottom.

SUGGESTED COLORS: Clear white skirt, shad pattern with

silver blades, if water is severely stained chartreuse with gold blades, willow blades, no trailer hook unless short strikes or spotted bass specifically. Trailer is 3.8-inch soft body swimbait in a matching color. Match the blade size as close as possible to the size of the bait fish.

WHEN: Low light conditions such as cloud cover.

LURE SPECIFICS: Reservoirs –

3/4-ounce, grassy lakes – 1/2-ounce

WHERE: Let the wind, light level, and activity level of the fish guide

you. Locate windblown banks.

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(S WAVER 168)

ROD: 7’ to 7’6”, medium-heavy,

moderate-fast action

REEL: 200 series baitcast 7:1 ratio

would be ideal

LINE: 15-pound fluorocarbon


steady, walk under water like a Spook. Twitch, pause, with an erratic action. Use as a search tool to locate fish and not necessarily catch them. Come back with another bait such as the wacky-rig Senko to catch the fish.

COLOR: Light trout. Split ring on the nose (round). Stock

treble hooks are included; so, keep spare trebles ready to change them. Size is a 1 2x hook.

WHEN: Low light conditions such as cloud cover.

WHERE: Parallel the bank in 10-feet of water, glide it back

and fish will follow it back to the boat. It’s a territorial thing. Target isolated pieces of cover.