Organize Tackle, Check Line and Other Fishing Day Prep

Wax, Knots, Donate, Clean

Spring 2020

any line that you’ve had issues with, or that is past a certain vintage (you have to decide what is acceptable).


Go through your gear and find things you’re unlikely to need that some other angler might. It could be a co-angler, a college angler or a kid, but someone of limited means can use the things that you cannot. But if it’s just garbage – rusty hooks, falling apart, low quality – dispose of it properly instead.

figure out how many you actually have, and whether you’ll need more.


If you have five minutes, pull of both your outboard prop and your trolling motor prop. Make sure they’re in good shape, that the shafts are properly lubricated and all hardware is in good shape. Then reattach them, torqueing as appropriate. If you have two more minutes, make sure that your spares and the associated hardware are in working order and that they’ll be accessible when you need them.


The worst time to learn a new knot

is when you’re on the water, the wind is

howling, and fish are blowing up a cast

length away. The best time is under

controlled conditions, like in your living room, in front of the TV, with a beer in your hand (ok, that last part is optional). If you’re nervous about connecting braid to

fluorocarbon, practice again and again

and again with your knot of choice until

it come naturally. By the end of binge-

watching Breaking Bad, not only did I

have all fresh trebles on my hard baits,

but I was a master of the FG Knot, too.


No one wants to clean the boat

when the weather is ripe for fishing, so

take a day (or a portion of a day) when

you can’t fish and get it in tiptop shape.

It will help protect the gel coat, possibly

help you find any unseen structural issues, and preserve your resale value. If you have a little more time, give the carpet a good cleaning, as well as the interior of the storage compartments. •



Do you have the types and sizes of line you’ll need for the next six months of fishing? You don’t want to be at a tournament and need 20 pound fluorocarbon or 65 pound braid, only to find out that you’re out and the local tackle shop is closed. Do you have filler spools with just inadequate lengths remaining? Time to invest in some bulk spools, and put them in a cool, dark place. Toss out