Bass Fishing Techniques for Lake Perris

SoCal Fishing Destination Lake Perris


Spring 2019



technique is a Phenix casting rod paired with a 6:3 Shimano Curado reel.


Position boat in 10- to 15-feet of water, targeting deeper bushes and trees.

Targets marina docks that are near the main launch site.

Cast so that the retrieve brings the lure parallel to high percentage spots where bass are likely to hide.


“I go to a Ned rig, Neko rig or dropshot when the reaction bite slows down” Wynn said. He likes the Ned or Neko rig to target bass in 20- to 25-feet with a Roboworm or Yamamoto Senko. He prefers natural colors such a green pumpkin or green pumpkin candy. The size of the Ned rig or nail weight in his Neko rig is largely determined by the wind and depth that the fish are holding.

“I like to use as light of a weight that I can get away with” Wynn said. “I typically use either a 3/16- or 1/4-ounce weight when I am fishing a Ned or Neko rig. The key is to keep the bait on the bottom.”

Wynn fishes the Ned and Neko rigs the same. He throws the baits out and either drags them or shakes them on slack line. The bites usually occur when the fish swims away with what they believe is an easy meal.

Both the Ned and Neko rigs are excellent finesse techniques to entice a bass into biting. He fishes both on 7-pound fluorocarbon line with a Shimano Stradic spinning reel paired with a Phenix Feather Series rod.


“Perris is full of rock piles and other offshore structure,” said Wynn. “Many of the rock piles are located on the back side of the island or throughout the lake’s south shoreline. There are anywhere between 10 to 15 different rock piles that are spread out in 15- to 40-feet of water. All of these rock piles hold fish.”

When other methods fail, Wynn opts to pick up a dropshot to probe this structure.

Locating the rock piles will require either a very good memory of when the lake was low, GPS or good electronics. None of this new fish habitat are on any maps.

Wynn’s dropshot rig includes a 4.5-inch Roboworm on a 1/0 Robo Worm Rebarb hook tied on 6-pound Sunline fluorocarbon line. His spinning combo includes a 2500 Shimano Stratic on a Phenix K2 Torzite rod.

He opts for natural colors for his plastic and his favorite for Perris is Morning Dawn or the People’s Worm.

Lake Perris is one of Southern California’s premier fishing lakes for trophy bass. Because of its size, water skiers, wake boarders, jet skiers, and all other kinds of other water sports are popular at the lake. Make sure you hit the lake early to avoid the crowds. Good luck out there, or as Rod Wynn would say, “Run It.” •