Concave and Convex Conditions for Pre Spawn

Springtime Fishing the Mother Lode


Spring 2019

convex and a ditch is concave. The fish will use these deep trenches in the same manner and migrate up and down them. Once again, when the conditions are right, they will scatter into nearby coves and pockets and begin the process of spawning.

bodied swimbait, depending on the level of their aggression. I also like a skirted jig, fished near the bottom to resemble a dormant crawdad crawling out of its burrow and a wacky-rigged worm that can be fished slowly on the fall to tempt the laziest fish.

LURES AND TECHNIQUES: Before the spawn the fish are coming out of their winter haunts and eager to fill their bellies in preparation for the exhausting act of spawning. Typically eating forage that requires very little effort to capture. Knowing they are not willing to chase, but still are looking for a substantial meal can help us anglers determine what to tie on.

Large slower moving baits tend to work best. My favorite presentations to use during these times would be a big swimbait, either a glidebait or a soft-


MIGRATION: Once they have successfully completed this shallow water ritual, they will move out in the same fashion they moved in, back down the points and back into the ditches.

RECUPERATION: Not being affected by water temperature like pre-spawn fish, they begin to set their sights on comfort. Keeping deep water nearby they will move shallow periodically throughout the