Throwing the Big Guns | Swimbaits

Guide to 5 Popular Big Baits by Tyler Brinks

Spring 2019



The Hudd has become a staple for swimbait anglers and is often what other trout baits are compared measured against. They feature a lifelike appearance and come in several sizes and different rate of falls, but the 10-inch is what many big bass specialists prefer.

One of the most effective ways to fish a big Hudd is slowly along the bottom almost like fishing a jig with frequent bottom contact. The ROF 5 and ROF 12 Huddleston can be very productive for deep-water bass. If you can find a ROF 0 and add some nail weights, it makes for a great presentation near the surface where trout often congregate in the winter.

The consensus for when to choose a Huddleston is if trout are present; either after a fresh stock or when the water cools enough to bring them into depths that bass live. These are not the only times though, as bass will have a hard time passing up a lifelike trout imitator like this if it swims past them.


These jointed baits have a loyal following, and even though they don’t have the most lifelike finishes, they just work. It is available in several sizes, and all have the same jointed swimming action that can be fished slowly to ultra-fast. It also has some smart features to help land more bass. The hooks of the Triple Tout are attached to bearing swivels to allow for movement and theoretically less lost bass.

The Triple Trout is effective because it can be fished at all speeds, but it can also be fished at different depths since it slowly sinks. The bait is not truly condition-specific since it can be used several different ways depending on how the fish are acting and it can also turn backward and do a 180-degree turn to trigger followers.

Having a large selection of both swimbaits and glide baits allows anglers to fish these big baits throughout the year. Each has a unique action and qualities that appeal to bass in different seasons, water depths and moods. The best approach is to cover all of your bases with baits that do things a little differently than what else is on the market. •

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