Springtime Smallmouth Strategies by Tyler Brinks

Fishing Smallmouth Spring Tips


Spring 2019

Often, a small dark spot is the only clue that you need to know that there is a spawning smallmouth in the area. By casting to these areas, you can cover water and know that if your bait is around one, they will strike immediately.


There are countless ways to catch the aggressive smallmouth in the spring when they are

at their hungriest.

My approach is to

cover multiple


Red Cranking

sections of the water column and also cover your bases with something moving quickly and something that you can use to slow down.

My four top producers this time of year are swimbaits, crankbait, drop-shot rigs, and a jig or tube.


This time of year, I will always have at least three or four different crankbaits rigged up. They will vary based on diving depth and action, but

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