Slow-Rolling Out Deep by Ricky Shabazz

Slow-Rolling Out Deep 
by Ricky Shabazz

S ou L t d O ee W p - RO L

Photo by Jody Only


spinnerbait has always been known to

be a very versatile lure for catching bass.

You can fish a spinnerbait shallow around

brush and other viable targets, or you can slow-roll a spinnerbait on the bottom out in 50 ft of

water. This article explores the often overlooked

technique of fishing a spinnerbait uphill in deep water

to target pre spawn female bass during early spring.


When the topic of throwing spinnerbaits comes up, most anglers are conditioned to think of shallow water fishing and covering water. There is no doubt that a spinnerbait is hard to beat when bass are on feeding on baitfish around shallow water cover. However, a host of anglers are experiencing epic early spring reaction bites on spinnerbaits in depths

where most bass are more accustomed to seeing a dropshot.

Larger bass in our heavily-pressured western waters can get accustomed to being caught on finesse techniques. Research shows that larger female bass tend to shy away from dropshot worms and jigs for fear of being caught over and over again. Several western anglers have learned that they can take full opportunity to use a heavy spinnerbait to cover deeper water with a reaction bait. Deep water is always relative.


This technique typically works from late February through May. Morning is the best time. The idea is to catch a big female bass out in depths where they stage during the early spring months, before moving into the shallows to spawn.

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