A Look At Lopez Lake bt Ken Sauret

A Look At Lopez Lake bt Ken Sauret

a look at Lake Lopez

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drinking water reservoir in San luis obispo County, lopez lake is a local favorite with nearly 22-miles of shore- line. located approx. 10-miles from the coastal city of arroyo Grande, the lake is home to healthy populations of largemouth and smallmouth bass in the lake along with a variety of panfish and catfish into the 20-lb range. There have been trout plants in the past; but those have been halted due to some conflict with a “native species”. as we take a look at lopez for the current season, we should note the warmer, summer conditions

brings with it the consistency of predictable weather and fish movement patterns. The lake’s proximity to the Pacific ocean means the afternoon breezes will be blowing almost every day and the influence of the coastal area keeps afternoon temperatures moderated throughout the year. You will experience cooler afternoons in the summer and warmer temps in the winter compared to the inland lakes like Santa Margarita, Nacimiento and San antonio.