Delta Froggin' Action Abounds With Amphibian Actors by David Brown

Delta Froggin' Action Abounds With Amphibian Actors by David Brown


delta FRoggIN’



action abounds with amphibian actors

mostly aggressive strikes intended to kill that which has shattered the fish’s cherished solitude. However, as California frog pro ish Monroe points out, the frog also represents a protein-packed meal for prespawn fish looking to pack on the poundage.

That said, you’ll want to keep the amphibian imposter handy when working the shallows for bed fish. amid the flipping, pitching and dropshotting for those cranky mamas, running the frog across the maternity ward often does the trick. amazing delta frog action extends well past the spring spawn period and Ken Mah, of elk Grove, Calif. recently shared his thoughts on drawing those show-stopping strikes.

tule berm anchored in years of peat moss accumulation, a dense mat of tangled weeds, a weathered laydown – each forms a solid fortress for Calif. delta bass. like castles of old, these piscatorial strongholds contain numerous passageways, nooks and secret chambers – all guarded by largemouth that get re- ally offended by intruders like a hollow body frog. Bold, audacious and capable of holding directly overhead in a weedless, yet emotionally entangling posture of defiance, the frog really flips the kill switch on the big green beasts roaming this central drainage. indeed, these are

Delta frogging pro Ken Mah likes to target big-fish spots where he can keep his bait in open water, but near promising cover. Photo Credit: David A. Brown