Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 39

Westernbass Magazine February 2012, Page 39

(50-miles from the marina) the other angler got their half 30-miles to the West plus 50 miles back to the marina. The second half, then, became a third or even a quarter of the day.

If you’re unawares, such dire decisions as who gets the first half was often settled on something as unsatisfactory as a coin flip. And even when that part of the game was settled, the dreaded phrase, “My partner back-seated me all day” became a built-in alibi for anyone who suffered a bad day on the water.

Yet, there must have been something in a sport that was built on a lack of cooperation.

I remember back many years ago, Rick Clunn confided that if he had to relinquish the use of his own boat more than two times during the full B.A.S.S tournament season, he had no chance to earn Angler of the Year. But it wasn’t because he couldn’t catch fish from the backseat or even “on the shoulder” of another pro, rather it was he would likely have a boat control battle with anglers who were either not completely

Stafford - Nelson, day 1

Dave Nelson, North AOY. Photo Credit to Bill Mays

UtilizetheFullAdvantageof aSecondRodintheBoat

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