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There are several ways to fish the Deps Cover Scat, including weightless like a soft plastic stickbait. Simply casting to targets and letting it fall is a great way to catch fish as the unique look of the bait and horizontal fall will attract fish in the area.

Another way to fish the Cover Scat is pitching into brush, grass and near docks. As the bait enters the water when pitched, it will also float back horizontally.

This action makes it great for overhanging cover and the back slide motion, which is excellent for docks and shaded areas.

The heavily weighted bait helps it slide into cover and shows bass something different than baits they may see on a daily basis and gets bites from unsuspecting fish taking cover in the shade.

Another effective way to fish the bait is with short rod twitches with a “walk the dog” action similar to topwater walking baits.

Instead of fishing on

the surface, you can get

the same unique action

subsurface at any depth

you choose. Simply count

the bait down to the

desired depth and work it

back with this motion to

attract fish. Fishing the

Deps Cover Scat this way

is very different and also

works very well.

Since the bait is so

heavy, standard baitcast

gear is suitable for fishing

the Deps Cover Scat. They

cast exceptionally well,

even on a stout rod and heavy line. A standard jig rod, which is around 7-feet long and a medium-heavy or heavy action, is suitable for fishing the baits. Line sizes between 15- and 17-pound are good choices for a lure with this much bulk and fishing around thicker cover.

The Deps Cover Scat is a unique new soft plastic bait that began as a fish-catching lure in Japan and has taken North American waters by storm. It is a top-producing bait that is gaining popularity as more anglers have discovered how good it can be at catching fish in various fishing situations. •

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