Power Up! Featuring John Myers & Shane Lemmon By Steve Melander, Page 5

Power Up! Featuring John Myers & Shane Lemmon
By Steve Melander, Page 5


Fall 2021




est Coast tournament bass fishing legend

John Murray has been around the game for

a long time. Over the years, he’s learned that a vertical presentation is one of the best ways to fool bass

in the fall. This is true whether he is in Arizona, where he

has lived most of his life, or around his current residence

in Tennessee, where he guides on Watts Bar Reservoir in

between tournaments.

His top pick for fall fishing is the River2Sea Diver Vibe.

It is a lure that has been around for several years, but the

team added a twist in recent years by adding the option

for a blade. Murray believes this has expanded the places

that the lure can be thrown, and he has become a big fan of

fishing it each fall.


As bass gorge on baitfish in the fall, preparing for winter, Murray spends a lot of his time fishing down while looking at his electronics.

“I really like to fish the Diver Vibe with a vertical action just like a blade bait,” he said. “I’ll pitch it out in front of the bait and let it fall to the bottom or wherever the fish are sitting. I then rip it up and let it fall to draw the attention of the fish.”

While this is his favorite way to fish it, he also casts it and fishes with a horizontal approach.

“That’s when I add the spinner, the times when I am casting it out,” he said. “It casts very well and you can make those long casts to get closer to schooling fish without spooking them. It works well with a steady retrieve and is great for those schooling bass.”


The River2Sea Diver Vibe has been regarded as an excellent bait for years and comes in two different sizes and several different colors. Murray simply matches the lure to the baitfish size when selecting between the two options for size, the Driver Vibe 65 (7/8 ounce and 2 1/2”) or the larger Diver Vibe 80 (1 1/2 ounce and 3 1/4”) sizes.

“Most of the time, I like the smaller one when the fish

are around shad, pond smelt and other small baitfish

because it is the perfect little size,” he said. “I go

with the bigger one when they are eating alewives

and larger baitfish. They come in different colors,

but the TS Minnow and Chrome and Black are a

perfect match to what the bass are eating in the


The River2Sea Diver Vibe is also

available in Bozo and Laser Perch. •

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