Fishing Goals With Justin Kerr By Jody Only, Page 2

Fishing Goals With Justin Kerr 
By Jody Only, Page 2

Fall 2021


estern anglers and fishing fans have had

Justin Kerr of Simi Valley, Calif. on their

radar for a long time. Afterall, he is the first of only two anglers to ever claim championship honors at

both the WON Bass U.S. Open (2008) and the WON Bass

California Open (2015). However, the entire fishing world as

a whole took notice of Kerr’s prowess at this summer’s 2021

Bassmaster Classic.

Kerr parlayed his first B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regional

event on Lake Mead, into a runner-up position going into

the final day – Championship Sunday and ultimately a 4th

place finish at this year’s Big Show.

Here, Kerr shares some of his Classic journey, fishing

background and career goals.

WB: First of all, congratulations! The West was on fire with excitement rooting for you through the event! For those that don’t know, tell us how you got started fishing?

KERR: My stepdad started me trout fishing. It was all I thought about, so that was my first fishing passion. At 15, I started working at JT Tackle. That’s where I met Aaron Martens and a lot

of the West Coast guys that were big at the time. They got me into bass fishing at local ponds and then tournaments.

When I was 18-years-old, I started WON Bass teams. I kept working so I could get my own boat and started fishing WON Bass Pro/Ams at 21.

I think I made top-10’s at all my first four Pro/Am events and I got Angler of the Year (AOY) which was really cool, because we had like 200 guys competing for that back then. When I look back, I would say WON Bass has definitely been a lifeline to my career as a fisherman out West.

WB: And how did you decide pro angler would become your career?

KERR: Well, both of my parents are teachers, and they

didn’t want me to go this route. They wanted me to go

to school. I just want to go fishing and they said, “yeah


I’ve always that had a knack for fishing, a kind a

sixth sense. It’s like I know what to do and that’s not

something that a person can be taught. That is just

something a person has. I

think I realized that I had

that early



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