Glue It To The Strike Zone By John Liechty, Page 3

Glue It To The Strike Zone
By John Liechty, Page 3


Fall 2021

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This technique is the first one, in which I discovered the “glue it” approach. Many fish will just follow to the boat or come up, take a look and leave. That is if you maintain a steady retrieve or have an uninteresting start to finish. But once you start adding perfectly timed tricks, these followers start to commit. Sometimes it’s a series of extremely wide glides or a pop-pop. The longer you can leave the bait near their bullseye while continuing to swim it the better.


Walking, popping and plopping baits are among the best to use this technique with. Yes, occasionally a robotic, metronome-like speed and cadence will work. However, once again a perfectly timed change in speed or a calculated pause will often generate a blow-up from a fish that might be a little more finicky. And to perfect the timing, keep a close eye on structures and the most productive depth.


With these techniques the

depth in which you fish them is a very crucial aspect. And as I mentioned before finding the best depth is the first step. However, how you fish for them in that depth is equally important. As your jig bumps along the bottom, you can begin to determine what structure type it is crawling over. When you find something different on any given retrieve that is a great time to “glue it”. A piece of wood or a rockier feel deserves a higher level of attention, and I would slow down and keep it there for a few seconds longer. Same goes with many finesse techniques. When you hit something good shake it in place, move six-inches and shake it again. If lazy bass is near, they will have a hard time refusing it if it’s in front of them for a slightly longer period of time.

With a plethora of boats and a great amount of fishing pressure the bass in many lakes have become conditioned. It is our job as anglers to offer a presentation unique enough to trick the weariest bass. Thus, meaning it is best to do something a little different than the boat before you and the boat after. Try gluing your lure to the strike zone on your next outing, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. •