Crankbaits For Conditions By Glenn Walker, Page 3

Crankbaits For Conditions	
By Glenn Walker, Page 3

Fall 2021


Fishing the mid-depth (6 to 12- feet) range of the water column with a crankbait is a great way to search

Photo: Providence Marketing Group – Zach Rinn

out weedlines for active pods of fish. Sometimes one bass may strike and then a slower presentation will be necessary to catch the rest of the school. In this case a jig or Texas-rig plastic may work. Other times, the bass may bite the crankbait all day long.

Some great crankbaits to use to hit the mid-depth range are the Rapala DT 6 and 10, along with the Strike King 5XD. I like all of these baits as most of them run true out of the box, they come in great fish catching colors and most importantly… I have confidence in them. To me, confidence is one of the most important features when choosing a bait.

A crankbait’s overall profile, meaning their size and shape should be a factor in bait choice. Certain baits have a more compact profile, making them great for targeting pressured bass, or for casting around snaggy cover. Others have a more profound shape and size, great for dirtier water, or when the bass are feeding on big bluegills.


When the mercury starts to climb, many bass will head out to offshore structure that is in the cooler, deeper water. One of the best ways to generate a reaction bite out of these bass is to toss a deep-diving crankbait and bring it right in front of their face!

Photo: Providence Marketing Group – Zach Rinn