Transducer Tricks by Marc Marcantonio

Transducer Instructional



Fall 2020

This works better than externally mounting the transducer because the sump location most always has a clean, laminar flow of water over the transducer’s face. Externally mounted transducers are more easily exposed to and affected by turbulent water flow, which disrupts the transducer’s ability to communicate with the sonar unit, particularly at high speed.

Objective 2: Low Speed sonar readings (transducer designation: XSONIC Airmar TM150M) mounted on port side of the jack plate with a Transducer Shield and Saver mount. When I am searching for fish at slow speed while viewing my console HDS LIVE, I get the best clarity and view from my Airmar transducer. This is plugged into my LIVE on Channel 2 (to use two transducers, be sure you turn on both

3D StructureScan Shield

Airmar TM150M