Simon Frost on Smallmouth Success

Simon Frost on Smallmouth Success

Fall 2019



imon Frost is known as a “smallmouth bass

Come fall, smallmouth feed heavily on minnows, crayfish

Jedi” for his uncanny ability to sit on fish and

and gobies to consume the necessary proteins to survive the

make the right five-bites

on brutally cold winter. The key to finding fall-time smallmouth

tournament day – even under the

is always remembering that they use a transition as a

toughest conditions.

feeding highway while holding tight to the edge.

He focusses his attention on

Defined transitions, like slate rock to broken rock, big

smallmouth behavior on various

rocks to smaller rocks, rock to mud, sand to mud, sand to

bodies of water as the sole

weed, and mud to sand, usually contain inside turns which

proprietor of Frostbite Guide

attract better quality fish.

Service. It’s no fluke that Frost

has topped the seven-pound

mark several times on Lake Erie.

A smallmouth is a

smallmouth, regardless

of where they live and

despite their sometimes

nomadic and stubborn

behavior, what works

for Frost can be applied


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