How To Tempt Finicky Fall Bass with These Flippin and Pitchin Presentations

Downsize for Fall Baits

Fall 2019




When the fall flipping bite gets really tough and a jig or Texas-rig won’t get a cover-oriented bass to bite, I like to rig up a big soft plastic on a larger-sized

shakey head.

By taking a creature bait, double tail grub or big

soft plastic stickbait and threading on a to 1/4- to

1/2-ounce shakey head, I can put the bait in the

Photo: Chad Eddings

Photo: Tyler Mohr



the Zoom Z-Craw Jr has the bulk to give the bass a big profile to key in on, but its action isn’t overpowering to bass that have likely seen their fair share of creature baits.

We all know that soft plastic stick baits, like the Yamamoto Senko are rigged on angler’s rods when they are fishing them weightless early in the season or wacky-rigged, when skipping boat docks or overhanging cover. But, when the bite gets tough in the fall, Texas- rigging a soft plastic stickbait is another option.

There are many selections, from the standard five-inch Senko, to a bigger Zoom Mag Trick Worm, or a bulky, yet smaller in stature Zoom Mag Finesse Worm. Any of these worms Texas-rigged with a 1/4- to 3/8-ounce tungsten weight are great ways for an angler to probe underwater structure in the fall.

With no action coming from the back of the bait, these baits have the bulk to be cast farther, even if you are using a smaller tungsten weight.

Retrieve on a Texas-rig can be simple, dragging the bait back through the cover or along a ledge is all that is needed.

Be sure to use a hook that provides a good hookup with the bulkiness of these worms. I like the Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Pro V Bend Worm hook, as it puts the hook point towards the back of the bait where the bass will bite and it has enough gap for the plastic to slide up when you set the hook.

same areas I would a jig or Texas-rig, but I can also keep the

lure in the strike zone for a longer period of time.

This is ideal if bass are holding in brush piles or isolated

weed clumps and not wanting to venture too far. Make a

long cast beyond the cover you are targeting, drag the bulked

up shakey head into the cover and then just wait…

The natural movement of the current, wind or boat

waves will impart enough action in your soft plastic bait to

coax a finicky fall bass into biting. Then once your bait has

soaked in that cover,

Photo: Tyler Mohr

quickly reel up your line and repeat the

process. If the bass

are in a funk and won’t

chase down a meal,

don’t waste precious

time on bringing your

jig all the way back to

the boat.

As you are on the

water this fall don’t

forget, you may need

to switch your mindset

to employ these

finesse flippin’ tactics.

It is a sure way to get

more bites throughout

the day as things have

slowed down. •