7 Tips for Delta Striper with Randy Pringle by Tyler Brinks

Stiper baits for fall


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Fall 2019


ach year as striped bass make their annual

migration into the California Delta, Randy

Pringle and many others are anxiously awaiting their arrival. Pringle, also known as “The Fishing

Instructor,” is a longtime Northern California guide and

each fall he turns his attention to stripers.

Every year is different, according to Pringle, when it

comes to when the stripers make a move and how the

fishing will be. But, one thing that doesn’t change is his

methods for locating and catching fall striped bass.


The amount of freshwater runoff coming out of the California Delta is how Pringle gauges how the year will be for striper fishing.

“It is always a precursor for how the fishing will be and also how the party boats in the bay are doing for stripers during the spring and summer,” he shared. “This year, for instance, is going to be a good year with better schools of stripers moving in at once because of the flow we have had.”


When the stripers enter the Delta en masse, Pringle often finds the best action in shallow water.