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Randy Howell Recaps the 2019 Season


Fall 2019



The arena was packed out with over 16,000 teens from all over the country. The lineup was none other than Hillsong Worship, Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes, Lecrae, and several great pastors from around the country like Rich Wilkerson Junior, Levi Lusko, Jeremy Foster, and our very own Pastor Chris Hodges.

This was a three-day event and it was amazing! It’s great to be part of an event like this that makes such an impact on our generation of youth today. We’re thankful for Church of the Highlands and Highlands College and the Motion team that helped pull this massive event off with excellence!

Highlands Motion student conference in Birmingham


Soon it will be Laker’s big college move-in day. This will be a new era for Robin and I and I’m sure it will take some adjusting to get used to it. Robin has homeschooled our boys from the beginning, and the 12 years with Laker went by quickly.

We prayed hard for God‘s direction in finding the best college for Laker, and we all have a peace that this is the place he’s meant to be.

It’s only 2 1/2 hours from home, so we can be there quickly if needed, but it’s also less than a mile from Lake Chickamauga, so I’m sure Laker will be spending his off time learning that lake. We are just hoping that he stays focused on his schoolwork the first semester and gets comfortable with the new routine.

The Mission student conference was held at BJCC arena where I won the 2014 Bassmaster classic


My next tournament will be the MLF cup event that I qualified for in October.

Until then we will be traveling to various cities across the country speaking at church events and sponsor appearances and hopefully will meet some of you guys along the way.

Robin and I at the Motion conference


This is the time of year that we get back and connect with our Church of the Highlands family around Birmingham to do youth ministry in the summer. We just wrapped up the Motion student conference that took place in the BJCC arena where I won the 2014 Bassmaster classic.


We will also be working with King’s Home to start planning our boat giveaway and kids fishing event November 23. This will be the ninth year to giveaway my beautiful Triton Mercury Rig to one lucky donor.

We have all raised over $1.2 million in eight years thanks to our partners in this boat giveaway.

We hope to break records again this year; but we need your support to do so.

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We will be talking about this more in the next blog, but don’t forget you can make a difference by donating to Kings Home in this boat giveaway.

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Good luck and God bless! Matt 6:33 •