Randy Howell Recaps the 2019 Season

Major League Fishing season one in the rearview

Fall 2019

reels which were a big hit. The Pitch and Flip reel and the Long Cast reel. I was able to work with the engineers on these reels the past five months, and you owe it to yourself to get one because they’re truly special.

Livingston introduced my new Howeller Jr, as well as the Walking Boss Part 2 JR, the Walking Boss Junior, and the JR Jerkmaster. We’ve been searching several years for smaller components to make smaller JR Baits with Livingston. The battery and sound chip are patented and up until now, we couldn’t find smaller ones. Erick at Livingston finally found someone that can make the components in the size we needed to develop these smaller baits, and I’m pumped about it!

This year was also the year for the trolling motor at ICAST. My partner, Lowrance, introduced the ghost trolling motor and it was well received. Everyone is lined up now waiting to get the Ghost!

Hobie introduced the first ever kayak with a 360° Mirage drive that allows you to maneuver through timber, grass, Lilly pads, and around docks with the ease of a peddle drive and one steering handle.


We returned home; but didn’t stay long, because Laker’s been planning his senior trip all year in hopes of catching a bass over 10 pounds. We scoped out lots of great lakes around the country and found one place in Texas called Camelot Belle. It stood out as the leader in double-digit bass. So, we hit the road heading to Texas again, but first we stopped in Louisiana to visit some friends. Our buddy Adams jumped in with us on this big fish bonanza trip to Camelot Belle and four hours later we were there.

If you’ve never fished in East Texas in July, you’ve probably never felt the heat and humidity like we experienced for those 2 1/2 days. It was a 110-degree heat index and 30 MPH winds every day.

We caught lots of good fish despite the weather and Laker caught the biggest fish at 9-pounds, 7-ounces and another 9-pounds, 4-ounces; but, none of us broke the double- digit mark. Laker will have to continue into college on his quest to catch a double-digit bass.


Laker’s senior trip to

Camelot Belle