4 Ways to Get a Flip and Pitch Strike

How To Tempt Finicky Fall Bass with These Flippin and Pitchin Presentations

Fall 2019




By Glenn Walker

for finicky fall bass


lipping a jig or Texas-rigged soft plastic is a great

way for anglers to target bass, holding tight

to cover and in some situations, it is the only presentation that will allow an angler to properly present

When I flip my jig out to the cover, I’ll let it sink all the way to the bottom and watch the line closely. Even a small twitch may be the sign of a strike on the fall.

Once the bait hits the bottom, the rod can do the work.

their bait to these buried bass.

Often, I just lift the rod slightly and then let it sink to tempt a

Many times, these bass are very active and will strike


a lure as it is descending through the water column. Other

Other times, the bass may be feeding on crawfish, so I

times these bass are tight-lipped and a finesse style flippin’ drag the jig along the the bottom to mimic a fleeing meal.

presentation is needed to keep those strikes coming.

To work the, while keeping bottom contact, I use a sweeping

Here are four flippin’ and tips for finicky fall bass.

sideways pull of the rod.

Sometimes you’ll need to soak the jig, letting it sit while



When the water temperatures drop, a bass’ activity level will usually decrease; but in the fall, they need to fatten up before the winter ahead of them. This means that these

the big bass buried in heavy cover sizes up its possible meal. Therefore, boat control is paramount. Keeping the boat in proper position will keep the jig in the strike zone longer. For shallow water, I rely heavily on my dual Minn Kota Talon’s to get this done.

bass may not move far to eat. Instead, they are positioning

Personally, I like to flip a 1/2-ounce black and blue All-

themselves for a big meal to near. This is a time when a slow Terrain Tackle AT Jig with a Zoom Super Chunk trailer. This

jig is a good option.

Photo: Tyler Mohr