Catch Bass by the Moon

Catch Bass by the Moon




Fall 2019

By Jody Only

with to J m os o h on B li e gh r t t b r a a ss n in d ’


hile Arizona-based pro, Josh Bertrand’s

day job as a Bass Pro Tour competitor

for Major League Fishing keeps him on the water all day long, many times his fun fishing starts

when the sun goes down.

Bertrand’s affinity for nighttime bassin’ has given

him much experience to hone his skills by the moonlight.

Here in his own words, he shares his tips optimize



Picking the right night to fish is a big deal. I pay a lot of attention to the moons. I focus on full moons or bright moons, for a couple of reasons.

NAVIGATION: Obviously, the extra light by the full moon, makes it easier to move around the lake.

INCREASED ACTIVITY: When the moon pops out, the crawfish are more active, the bass are more on the move

and they just bite better.

Photo: Garrick Dixon

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